Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stegosaurus Costume DIY

My mom's been sewing since high school and is teaching me how to now! We've done projects throughout the years, and this Halloween, she's helping me with a big back piece for my four year old's costume.

We bought two colors of felt and cut out squares with the Scentsy box lid as a stencil. Cut those in half into triangles, then stitched two sides together, and stuffed the inside.

Keep doing that, but trimming 1/2" off of 2 sides of the "stencil" so that your squares and triangles will be a bit smaller with each new spike as it gets closer to the ground.

We then sewed the third side, and folded out the flaps. I pinned those to the long strip of felt that we cut to be the in-between piece, and we sewed the spikes onto the strip.

After that, we sewed the strip with the spikes to a hoodless jacket. We ended up getting 6 spikes on my kiddo's costume.

I'll be tweeting the final costume pic on Monday! Follow us @homemadeharlots

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