Friday, October 28, 2011

Seasoning Cast Iron

My mom is remodeling her kitchen, that means I inherited several new-to-me kitchen items! I was so excited for her to bring the box over for me to go through. I found several useful items I needed and the stuff that I didn't need got donated of course!
A couple of my favorites were a new canister set
this measuring magnet

and this rad flavor injector.
But the best thing of all that I inherited were these beautiful cast iron pans, a prized part of my grandmothers kitchenware. And now, they are all mine!

Along with the cast iron pans my mother passed on the tradition of seasoning cast iron to me too, and I thought it would be a wonderful thing to share with all of you! Seasoning cast iron is important to help your pans have a non stick surface and prevent your pots and pans from rusting. If seasoning is done correctly your cast iron will last a lot longer.

First we stuck them in the oven and let the ovens cleaning cycle completely clean them. And let it cool for several hours.
Next we washed the pans with a little water and used a stiff abrasive pad to scrub it. Then we placed them back in the oven to dry. A tip my mom gave me is, you should always towel dry or dry your cast iron in the oven, you shouldn't allow it to air dry because this promotes rusting.

Then we brushed the pans with some vegetable oil (although traditionally Crisco is used, I don't have this in my house.)

We let the stove cook the oil in a little bit and then placed them in the oven with the cooking side facing the bottom of the oven on 500 degrees. There is a lot of smoke during this process so you may want to have the oven vent on and some windows opened.
Finally brushed it with one last coat of vegetable oil and let it cool! I cant wait to cook with them! I will definitely be posting the first meal I make with them. I can't wait! There are lots of different traditions that are passed down for seasoning cast iron. None of them are really wrong just different than the last! I would love to hear the ways you were taught to season cast iron! 



  1. thanks, i've got one iron grill-pan...and i did not know how to care about it.
    agata tolloczko

  2. My dad loves to cook in his cast iron skillets. One thing is always certain, HAND WASH ONLY! Dishwasher will strip the oil a lot faster. He would also just dry the outside, then put it on the stove on low to let the inside dry, and about every other time, he would rub a bit of oil into it while it dried.

    Fun fact- cast iron is good for you! Instead of all the nasty non-stick chemicals leeching into your food, some of the iron does.

  3. Agata-I'm so glad we could share something new with you! I didn't know about this either until my mom brought these over to me. I thought it was really neat!

    Tahirih-I didn't know that! Now I feel even better than I already do about my "new" pans! Thanks!