Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Meet The Homemade Harlots

My name is Amanda

I'm 23 and married to the most amazing man for 3 years now! I have 3 wonderful children and couldn't be happier with my life. I'm in love with crafts and anything about being a domestic artist (what I like to refer to myself as, basically a modern twist on the 50's housewife, like way modern)

I love twitter (@shesamightyship) and reading. I am addicted to my Ipad and my Android phone. I am a android/apple hybrid and love them both just the same.

I wanted to start this blog to share with a younger generation (my generation) the domestic arts that many of our grandmothers perfected when they were younger. I feel like the many crafts of the past are getting lost and I want to revive them and give them a new life and a modern twist that ladies (and gentlemen) of our generation can enjoy!


You can call me Melanie.

In words, stay at home mom of 3, wife of an Airman, lactation counselor, & Democrat.

In life, so much more!

I'm addicted to body mods, natural living, baking, decorating, Twitter (@MelanieLLLouise), and Plants vs Zombies.

I overcame significant stereotypes to get where I am: a feminist birther choosing to be a full time housewife. And I'm kicking ass at it! Like my luff, Amanda, I'm all about becoming a domestic artist. It's our passion. <3


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